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1952 Pontiac Convertible

Posted by Dave

1952 Pontiac Convertible

1952 Pontiac Convertible

I have been following your website for awhile and have really enjoyed it. The pictures I am sending you are of our 1952 Convertible. My folks bought it new and Old Blue has been in the family ever since. She taught 2 teenagers how to drive drove across the states from Florida to California pulling a 30ft trailer. She’s a great car and still going strong, we just took her on a tour in North Carolina for 5 days and 500 miles. My mom is still around and goes with me to every show and activity. The one photo with my dad was when Blue was 6 years old.

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  1. melody hedgepeth Says:

    Loved seeing your pics of the 1952 pontiac convertible. My father who is 80 years old talks about his 1952 pontiac silver streak that he bought new. He talks about the light up hood ornament, red and white leather seats and the forest green color with lots of chrome. My father has always been into cars and is restoring a 1933 pontiac at present! We live in North Carolina and if you are in the area again I would love to surprise my father with seeing your lovely car!

  2. Joe Poe Says:

    Do you want to sell the car?

    Joe Poe

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