This is the temorary resource page. This is basically the page from the old website until I get everything recategorized.

Pontiac Resources Page

Charts and On-Site Information
1941-1953 Pontiac Tune-Up Chart
1949-52 Pontiac Engine Specifications and

General Engine Specs – 1951-54 Pontiac General Engine Specifications.
Capacities – 1950-54 Pontiac Capacities
Valve Specs – 1950-54 Pontiac Valve Specifications
Front Wheel Alignment – 1949-54 Pontiac Front Wheel Alignment
Fuses and Circuit Breakers – 1950-54 Pontiac Fuses and Circuit breakers. (Info should be same for 49 as well.)
Battery & Starter – Battery & Starter Specifications
Generator & Regulator – Generator & Regulator Specifications
Distributor Specs – Distributor Specifications, Delco Remy
Journal Sizes – Crankshaft Bearing Jounral Sizes
Chassis & Brake – General Chassis & Brake Specifications
Accessories List – A list of some accessories available for the 1949-52 Pontiac’s.

More charts/tables to come soon.

Engine Oiling System – What you need to know about the engine oiling system.
Crankcase Ventilating System – The crankcase ventilating system.

1952 Pontiac Paint Chips

Sheet 1 | Sheet 2 | 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1951 Pontiac Colors

Photo-Diagrams – Some have original part numbers.

1948-1953 Pontiac Hydra-Matic Shift Points (In MPH).
1949-52 Pontiac Front Door Hardware Layout
1949-52 Pontiac Back Door Hardware Layout
1951-52 Pontiac Grille, Bumper, Valance assembly.
1949-52 Pontiac Typical Head-Lamp Assembly
1949-52 Pontiac Typical Tail-Lamp Assembly
1949-52 Pontiac Typical Backup-Lamp Assembly
1949-52 Pontiac Outer-Windshield Parts
1949-52 Pontiac Inner-Windshield Parts

1949-54 Pontiac Underseat Heater and Defroster
1949 Pontiac Color Numbers
1950 Pontiac Color Numbers
1951 Pontiac Color Numbers
1952 Pontiac Color Numbers
1946-1951 Pontiac Trim Combinations
1951 CONTINUED – 1953 Pontiac Trim Combinations

Reproduction/NOS/OEM Parts Websites

Autotran – Hydra-Matic parts. Great person to deal with, fast response and ships quickly.
California Pontiac Restoration – Great quality NOS/Repop parts for your vintage Pontiac!
Emblem Magic – Reproduction plastic inserts.
Mill Supply – Reproduction parts. Pontiac isn’t specifically listed, but a lot of body panels will interchange from the Chevrolet.

Chevs of the 40’s – More reproduction parts.
Obsolete Chevrolet – Reproduction parts!
National Chevy – Reproduction parts.

Wide White-Wall Tires

Coker Tire
Diamond Back – Radial White Wall tires.

Other Resource Websites

License Plates – Andrew Pang’s License Plates, Lots of vintage license plates. Some are for sale, and he’s also looking for some. Great person, great site!